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Thursday, February 06, 2003
      ( 8:53 PM ) Christina  
Welcme Back!!!
2/10/03 Krost Foyer Members' Meeting
3/09/03 AIDS walk
See you there #

Friday, September 13, 2002
      ( 3:44 PM ) Christina  
For membership information contact Christina Lesher at or
Julie Gray at

New 2002-2003 AWIL officers:

President - Julie Gray

VP of Community Relations - Kate Nance

VP of Relations with AWA/Professional Outreach & VP of Mentor Relations - Divya Chundra

Treasurer/Historian - Christina Lesher

Secretary: Eva Howe

Upcoming Events:
9/17/02 Follow up informational meeting 209 BLB at noon
9/23/02 Officer meeting- 5PM AWIL office
9/25/02 Mentee/Mentor lunch, time and place TBA
10/12/02 Race for the Cure- email Kate Nance for information
10/26/02 AWIL cocktail party at Christina Lesher's, time TBA and place to be announced at 9/25/02 meeting #

Thursday, April 18, 2002
      ( 11:25 AM ) Katie  
Congratulations to the AWIL board for 2002-2003

President - Carissa Waida

VP of Mentor Relations - Susie Guggemos

VP of Community Relations - Kate Nance

VP of Relations with AWA/Professional Outreach - Divya Chundra

Treasurer/Historian - Christina Lesher

PLEASE NOTE that all those who ran or voted must have paid their dues to be a member of AWIL. The rates are $10 for a semester, $20 for a year, and $30 for lifetime. If you need to pay your dues, please e-mail Christina Lesher to make arrangements.


Sunday, March 24, 2002
      ( 12:25 PM ) Katie  
For those of you who read this weblog, but are not involved in AWIL:
In June of 2000, there was a horrible flood in Houston due to tropical storm Allison. In addition to thousands of homes, schools and businesses across the city, the Law Center was devistated. You can read about the extent of the devistation here. AWIL lost the contents of the entire office, including hundreds of study aids, AWIL coffee cups and T-shirts, files, records, furniture and electronics. We have spent most of this year recovering from the loss and soon we will be moving into our new office in a trailer in what is now deemed "The Law Center Village!" We are happy to announce that the bake sale last week was a success and we raised around $150! If you have any questions about our organization or if you would like to sponsor an event in the coming year, please email us! #

Thursday, February 21, 2002
      ( 5:46 PM ) Katie  
Who is AWIL? Here is a current list of officers!

AWIL Officers 2001-2002

Karen Tullos, President

Jennifer White, Vice President of Attorney Relations

Christina Pierce Lesher, Vice President of Community Relations

Carrie Arnett, Vice President of Mentor Program

Aryn Roberts, Treasurer

Julia Hernandez, Secretary

Carissa Waida, Representative

Dawn Malone, Representative

Julie Gray, Representative

Katherine Stahl, Historian


      ( 5:41 PM ) Katie  
Important Dates:
2/27-Deadline for RSVP to faculty luncheon
3/10- AIDS walk at Sam Houston Park
3/13- Faculty luncheon in Heritage Room! 11:30-1:00
3/20- Book Sale and Book Drive in the Commons 8am-1pm
3/21- Trailer Office Decorating Party BYOB!!!!
3/26- BLSA/AWIL Gates Elementary Law Center Tour&Luncheon

Look at all the great stuff we have planned for March! Take that, flood!

The University of Houston Law Center Chapter

The Association of Women in Law (AWIL) is open to all students interested in women's issues, particularly in the legal profession. We strive to promote cooperation, community services, academic excellence, and interaction with practitioners in our community.

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